Special materials designed

with confidence

This collection is composed by exceptional finishes commonly found in outdoor paving and sidings.

The intense range is particularly suitable for external cladding for its high resistance to extreme temperatures.
This collection range has emerged as a response to the aesthetic and functional requirements of external environments. 
This material is extremely appreciated by the multiplicity of effects resulted from the combination with other materials or finishes.

The INTENSE collection consists of more rustic finishes that can be used in several applications.
Intense tiles suit both conservative and boldest styles as it can be used in interior walls to highlight a space or in exterior walls to give a rustic appearance to your house.

Type of


Among those finishes we highlight split-face and bush-hammered finish,
characterized by its strong, wavy, irregular and rustic appearance.



Its surface has strong salience and roughness, and for that reason at least
3cm thick is required.