Experience and Exploit

3D wall panels

STONITY'S experience on 3D wall panels is
making waves all over the world.

STONEME collection can help you take advantage of this exciting form to grow your business in this new dimension.
We are delighted to present architectural wall surfaces that offer a dramatic alternative to traditional flat walls.

3D wall cladding are increasingly finding application in hospitality, malls, retail spaces, high end offices, residential
apartments and homes. We offer a variety of color, texture, size and finish that allows the design professional total
freedom of expression during the creative process. No matter what your application is, you will sure find a 3Decor
creation that befits and adds value to your project. Let us help you in creating your next masterpiece.

Factory in Portugal

Where we can produce in full perfection, only this way we can guarantee that the material
has to be higher to be installed easily in any environment quality. It can be installed with silicone/cement glue for specific coatings.

Features and Benefits

Completely Factory Finished,
No paint, polish, finish needed,
Comes with ready to install,
Waterproof and washable,
No Stain and scratch resistant.

Available Standard Sizes

400 X 400 mm for each piece,
600 X 400 mm for each piece,
600 x 600 mm for each piece.

There is also the possibility of customized solutions.