Different textures stone surface so that in this way may also be used in different ways in building construction.

The type of the disk straight cut diamond is still today the most traditional way of working with natural stone. However, with the evolution of technology, the diamond is now able to reproduce in stone anyway that picture, this is more or less curved.


The treatments preventively protect the facades exposed to weather, against moisture and against damage caused by moisture in architectural structures.


Is a treatment substance constructive colorless without formation of film, which prevents the absorption of water and solutes of its pollutants without obstructing the unique characteristics of the material, the conditions which preserves the breathability of the product.


This treatment application allows limestone slabs to be macro-texturized, resistant to stains, liquids and abrasive agents. Moreover, this type of treatment increases the thermic isolation which allows to build more efficient buildings in terms of energy without modifying the natural stone’s aspect.