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great results

STONITY is a result of evolution and modernization of the company Invest NaturalStone, which in its internationalization process, recognized the need to highlight its image.

KNOW-HOW - The company has more than 20 years of activity and experience in the natural stone sector. Nowadays, the company is present in various markets and invests a lot in its expansion to new external markets.
STONITY is specialized in extracting, transforming and commercializing 100% Portuguese Limestone and aims to be the most innovative company supplier of natural stone, particularly in which concerns limestone, by discovering new processes, new products and new market’s needs. STONITY’s specialization in Limestone allows to achieve high levels of quality.



At STONITY, we work with professionalism, dynamism and modernity in order to make a great labor with the most quality and competition.
STONITY has a special agility into its processes in order to be able to develop appropriates responses for the needs of every market.



The construction of our new factory, with approximately 7500 m2 covered and equipped with the newest technology in order to produce various types of finishes, will ensure the greatest innovation in our materials.



STONITY has continuous innovative concerns. Technically competent and competitive, the brand is also conscious and works for a sustainable future.
STONITY provides its customers with the best Portuguese Limestone and intends to provide an opportunity for designers, architects and owners to use the best that nature has to offer.